Commercialisation of Research

Innovation Week 2016 Workshop

Workshop Schedule

Day 1
01 Aug 2016
Day 2
02 Aug 2016
8:15am - 8:45am


Latest Trends in Commercialization of Research and Technology Transfer

Universities, research institutions, and industry conduct a lot of research that generates groundbreaking findings/inventions, that not only save lives, but improve the way we live, work, and play on a...
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Intellectual Property Development

Navigating intellectual property (IP) landscape can be complex; but it does not have to be hard and impossible. It is critical for all stakeholders to acquire the critical knowledge, insight,...
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Preparation for innovation: The Five Ingredients

Ideas and inventions are the starting ingredients in the innovation process. In fact, unless they are natured, their value never grows; in many cases, their value and usefulness could diminish...
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Research Management and Evaluation

When conducting basic and applied research, it is critical to have access to relevant global, multi-disciplinary, and unbiased information and citations that you use as a guide through the research...
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Matching Industry Needs with University Expertise

Interest from individual-inventors, government, and industry to collaborate with university researchers continues to be a substantial partnering opportunity benefiting all parties and is an important component of the research commercialization...
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Scholarly Publishing and Presenting

Innovators use scholarly publications, workshops, conferences, and journals to communicate, evaluate, and mine ideas. Therefore, it is an innovation imperative!  The importance of publishing in establishing scholarly reputation cannot be...
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Preparing for a University Spin-offs: Policy and Cultural Implications

Academic entrepreneurship is a critical component of university economic development efforts. However, the university or research institution faculty who possess the knowledge for important scientific and technological progress face cultural...
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Commercialization of High-Risk, High Reward Scientific and Agricultural Technologies

Academic research has catalyzed the establishment of many startup companies that are now profitability developing novel medical, agricultural, and non-medical biotechnologies. The reality is that, many similar startups fail even...
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12:00pm - 1:00pm

Q &A Session

Making the most of the funding gap

One of the reasons many commercialization efforts fail is lack of expertise and financial resources. In this session, we will examine ways academic researchers, university technology transfer professionals, academic scientists,...
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Scaling innovations

Commercialization value creation typically follows the S-curve model. The challenge for researchers, entrepreneurs, and technological transfer professional is the understanding what kind of effort, resources, and time required to advance...
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16:00 - 16:30

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