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Human centred design is an innovative process that allows individuals to think differently about problem solving and solution design. Throughout the process, individuals gain a deeper appreciation that innovation is most successful when it is demand-driven from local challenges and needs, it is iterative, and it leverages experiences from diverse stakeholders. The approach is predicated on placing the needs of the user, such as a health worker, teacher, or student, at the centre of solution design, creation, and deployment. It is a participatory and empathetic process that is rooted in understanding challenges faced by stakeholders and beneficiaries and involving them in ideation and prototyping of solutions. 

During a three-hour human centred design crash course, participants will be guided through the methodology while simultaneously applying their learnings through interactive activities. Participants will gain first-hand knowledge of how big ideas and challenges can be transformed into practical ideas and solutions through co-creation and iteration. The session will expose participants to a range of tools that they can apply in the real world after the crash course, including the IDEO and +Acumen Design Kit and the Collection Action Toolkit created by frog. Groups will be invited to showcase their work at the end of the session. 

Venue :  Confucius Institute. 3rd Floor of Education Building,

University of Nairobi.

Dates:  Monday and Tuesday from 8AM to 12PM.

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