Education Curriculum Reforms

The basic Education Curriculum Reforms and Implications on University Education in Kenya.

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About the Workshop

Venue and Time

Venue : ED2, at the ground floor of the Education Building, University of Nairobi.

The Date and time of the workshop should be Monday 1st from 8AM.


The purpose of the One-day Workshop is to provide stakeholders an opportunity to dialogue on the on-going Basic Education Curriculum Reforms.

Organizers and Facilitators

The planned Workshop is an idea of the University of Nairobi’s CEES, which is to be actualized through collaborative efforts of the University of Nairobi, Convener of the Innovative Week, Key Stakeholders, especially the MoEST, KICD and potential Sponsors.

Workshop target participants

Administrators and representative members of the Academic Staff of all Universities as well as the Commission of University Education (CUE) staff will attend.

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