Youth leadership programme

Are you an innovative UoN student?

NIW2016 is looking for you!


This year, Nairobi innovation week (NIW2016), is launching a students’ chapter: NIW2016.Students.

NIW2016.Students is a dedicated youth leadership platform for innovative UoN students from any of the six colleges of the University.

The selected students will take part in a youth leadership programme in July 2016 and exhibit their innovations at the NIW2016 in August 2016.  
Prizes and certificates will be awarded to the nominated students at the end of the NIW2016 week.

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Who is eligible?

  • You are a registered UoN student.
  • You have created an innovative solution in the recent past that has been commercialized and/or is in public use.
  • You will be available to attend a one-day workshop (26th July), and exhibit your innovation at the NIW2016 main event (3 rd August 2016).

Why should you apply?

Participating in NIW2016.Students will expose you to employment and entrepreneurship opportunities by linking you to professionals, UoN alumni and other NIW2016 participants from industry. You will also learn leadership skills, win awards, and earn a certificate.

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How should you apply?

Fill in your details in this form by the 17th of July, 2016 and provide:

  • A description of your innovation
  • Your leadership skills
  • A one-page resume

Selection process


The NIW committee will pre-select 40 applicants on the 18th of July, 2016.


The selected applicants will be invited to an audition on the 20th of July, 2016.


Out of these, 20 students will be nominated as the first NIW2016.Students programme participants.

What will you do?

ReadyToWork conference: The 20 NIW2016.Students will be panel speakers Leadership training workshop for the 20 NIW2016.Students nominees

Dates Activities
20th July Auditions for the 40 NIW2016.Students to select 20 nominees.
26th July Leadership training workshop for the 20 NIW2016.Students nominees.
3rd August August NIW2016.Students nominees will exhibit their innovations at NIW2016.


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