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The 2nd Edition of the Nairobi Innovation Week attracted delegates from different nationalities including USA and Israel. During one of the plenary sessions, Christopher Fabian noted that Kenya has a vibrant innovation eco-system and some of the best internet speeds in Africa.
He added “UNICEF will continue to partner with the University of Nairobi to foster innovation.” He went on to ask the young innovators to register for the UNICEF Innovation Fund and submit their innovative ideas.


Chris Fabian from UNICEF.

When President Uhuru Kenyatta took to the podium on 3rd August 2016, he acknowledged the presence other Vice Chancellors form various local universities including Prof. Mabel Imbuga from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. He challenged the attending Vice Chancellors to build a vibrant innovation ecosystem within their universities.

Universities play a key role in development and capacity building in the society. Strengthening academia through research and new innovative ideas is key to achieving a business oriented society where we will at the same time the problem of unemployment.

The president went on further to add that his government would fully fund the 3rd edition of the Nairobi Innovation Week to be held in early March within the university grounds.

During one of the pre-events Master Classes, Angela Wamola from SENSEWITHCENTS asked the attending delegates to partner with likeminded individuals or institutions to boost their innovations. “You will not go far if you walk alone because there is someone better who has better networks,” she said.

Angela Wamola

Angela Wamola from SENSEWITHCENTS

Delegates were the asked to introduce themselves and briefly explain what they do. This in turn encouraged delegates to engage each other and foster partnerships.

A competitive market promotes productivity and high input from the various stakeholders. Partnerships are encouraged across the globe through sharing ideas to spur economic growth and financial freedom. The Nairobi Innovation Week 2016 facilitated creation of various partnerships that may spur growth.
On an individual level, delegates were asked to come up with innovative ideas to solve current problems seen in cost of health and distribution of food in agriculture.

By Philip Mwago.

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