Transforming ideas into businesses that make sense and cents.

About the Workshop

Transforming ideas into businesses that make sense and cents.

SenseWithCents will be facilitating an independent Masterclass in Entrepreneurship for your startup business at the at the University of Nairobi during the Nairobi Innovation Week on 1 August 2016. In the spirit of “transforming ideas,” SenseWithCents safeguards that our participants’ success is established at the beginning and actualized through the small, positive incremental steps we put in. With time, the compound interest effect of our efforts will lead to the success defined at the beginning. 

Areas of focus

Innovators seeking to transform their ideas into businesses will be guided using our tool in three focus areas:

  • Relevance: refining their ideas to arrive at the promise: What is Needed? why is it needed? Who Needs it?
  • Focus: crystallizing the business model & structure to start delivering the promise
  • Utility: how to get the prototype product to the target market, test it & continuously improve it to guarantee the promise.


Enrol before 27th July 2016 to secure a place in this Masterclass. Only 30 seats available. 


Maktaba, JKML, University of Nairobi.


Session is on 1st August 8:30am - 4:30pm at Maktaba, JKML, University of Nairobi. We are targeting Startups.

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